Term Dates 2018

April Monday 16th - July Saturday 21st
Half term = May Monday 28th - June Saturday 2nd

Term = 13 weeks

*NEW* 'Mummy and Me' Ballet Classes

For Boys and Girls 18 Months - 2.5yrs = SATURDAY 8.30AM.

*NEW* 'Progressing Ballet Technique'

Not just for Ballet students, parents will also enjoy this class.

*NEW* 'Discovering Repertoire'

Learn enchainments building to the solos from the ballets and achieve an RAD examination.


Lesnick School of Ballet Tshirts, Sweatshirts and Bags

School bags and T-shirts are now available in both black and pink.


Bags: £10.50 each

T-shirts: £10 each


Sweatshirts are available for £12


Please contact Miss Vickie for more information or to order!


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Photo Competition

Congratulations to our photo competition winners, practising at the 'barre' on Walsworth Common! Photo competition winners


Answers for Dancers - April 2018

This month,Blister Busters

Toe pads help but there is more to blister care than stuffing shoes full of padding.

    1. Get professionally fitted. Feet change over time so last year's maker may not be for you If sudden blisters appear.
    2. Before putting on tights dab Vaseline on hammertoes and bunions to reduce friction.
    3. Wear tights that absorb sweat.
    4. Don't smoke! This weakens the skin.
    5. Once the blister has burst, air it, put antibiotic ointment on and before wearing pointe shoes place a donut-shaped pad over the trouble spot.

If still painful, you might consider cutting an X in pointe shoes to relieve pressure.